schemata architects grows forest of poles for MR PORTER × BEAMS exhibition


schemata architects grows forest of poles for MR PORTER × BEAMS exhibition
all images © ben broomfield for MR PORTER




schemata architects led by jo nagasaka have developed their first exhibition design in london and created for the collaboration between japanese fashion brand BEAMS and menwear e-commerce platform MR PORTER. the joint show lasted for only two days and the brief called for schemata to produce an effective and powerful layout to promote the products and the two brands.

schemata-architects-beams-mr-porter-london-exhibition-designboom-02concrete blocks support the series of metals poles




visualized as a series of intersecting metal poles illuminated by fluorescent lamps; the designers referenced traditional laundry poles typically used in asia to dry clothing at home. developing this concept: the ‘forest of clothing poles’ the pipes were positioned at different heights and lengths, enabling the selection of garments to hang at different elevations. supported by concrete blocks, the pole installation serves as a understated yet visually intriguing element that allows the focus to be on the clothes.



designboom recently visited and interviewed architect jo nagasaka in the schemata studio in tokyo, see it here.

schemata-architects-beams-mr-porter-london-exhibition-designboom-02this is schemata architects’ first exhibition design in london

schemata-architects-beams-mr-porter-london-exhibition-designboom-02garments are hung from the metal poles at different heights

schemata-architects-beams-mr-porter-london-exhibition-designboom-02the purpose of the presentation was to introduce BEAMS into the london fashion market

schemata-architects-beams-mr-porter-london-exhibition-designboom-02creating a ‘forest of poles’, the designers took inspiration from the clothes drying poles used typically in asia

schemata-architects-beams-mr-porter-london-exhibition-designboom-02fluorescent lights were used to highlight set

schemata-architects-beams-mr-porter-london-exhibition-designboom-02the exhibition took place during the 9th – 10th january

schemata-architects-beams-mr-porter-london-exhibition-designboom-02a projection was used on the rear wall



project info:



title:mr porter × beams exhibition @ london
architects:jo nagasaka / schemata architects
project team:ryosuke yamamoto, matthieu darcourt
address:edel assanti, 34a newman street, london, gb
construction:collaboration-o (luuk van den broek, kasper johannes)
collaboration:picnic(event organizer)
floor area : 1f_127.835m²
exhibition period:09-10 january /2016