fernando mastrangelo extends sand and cement drift series with sofa, tables + mirror

fernando mastrangelo extends sand and cement drift series with sofa, tables + mirror all images by cary whittier


during new york design week 2016, brooklyn-based artist fernando mastrangelo has extended his ‘drift’ collection with a series of sculptural furnishings that reference the structure and aesthetic of glaciers and natural earth formations. the line of rugged yet refined objects — which began with a bench previously featured by designboom here — has been developed to include a coffee table cast from sand and cement; a sand and cement sofa upholstered in silk velvet; a 72” mirror; a coffee table; and ‘petra’ side table in blue and pink. utilizing hand-dyed sand, powdered glass, mirrors, and cement, mastrangelo juxtaposes elements that are meticulously crafted and polished with expressive, terrain-like surfaces that are less controlled. the collection is informed by two pivotal voyages: patagonia, where the primary color palette has been sourced; and the grand canyon, where layers of earth and strata inspired the sand’s gradient effect. each piece is unique and produced in a very limited edition.


the artist presents the series as FM/s — mastrangelo’s experimental studio specializing in sculptural objects and conceptual objects — at collective design fair from may 4 – 8, 2016.

fernando-mastrangelo-collective-design-drift-designboom-02drift (sofa) | 60” x 40” x 28” | sand and silk velvet

fernando-mastrangelo-collective-design-drift-designboom-02the pieces reference the structure and aesthetic of glaciers and natural earth formations

fernando-mastrangelo-collective-design-drift-designboom-02back view of ‘drift (sofa)’

fernando-mastrangelo-collective-design-drift-designboom-02drift (coffee table) | 60” x 40” x 14.5” | sand and cement

fernando-mastrangelo-collective-design-drift-designboom-02the artist juxtaposes elements that are meticulously crafted with expressive, terrain-like surfaces

fernando-mastrangelo-collective-design-drift-designboom-02detail of ‘drift (coffee table)’

fernando-mastrangelo-collective-design-drift-designboom-02drift (mirror) |  72” | sand and mirror

fernando-mastrangelo-collective-design-drift-designboom-02detail of ‘drift (mirror)’

fernando-mastrangelo-collective-design-drift-designboom-02‘drift (petra)’ | 20” x 22” x 18” | sand

fernando-mastrangelo-collective-design-drift-designboom-02layers of earth and strata inspired the sand’s gradient effect

fernando-mastrangelo-collective-design-drift-designboom-02‘drift (petra)’ in pink

fernando-mastrangelo-drift-bench-designboom-08drift (bench) |  72” x 18” x 16” | sand and cement

fernando-mastrangelo-drift-bench-designboom-03detail of ‘drift (bench)’

fernando-mastrangelo-collective-design-drift-designboom-02portrait of fernando mastrangelo with ‘drift sofa’