Claire Trevor‘s Glamorous Fifth Avenue Apartment

The Academy Award-winning actress filled her spacious New York City apartment with art, antiques, and movie memorabilia


This article originally appeared in the April 1992 issue of Architectural Digest.

“Bogie was over for dinner a couple of nights before the Awards that year—1949—and he said, playing it cool in his usual ‘screw you’ Bogart character, ‘Listen kid, if you win, I want you to get up there and say you’re not going to thank anybody, you did it all by yourself.’ ” recalls Claire Trevor in that crushed-velvet voice of hers, hard to mistake for any other.

It is forty-three years later and she is sitting pretty in the coral-lacquered library of her Fifth Avenue apartment—a room she shares with that shiny icon Oscar. “Well, when I won, it was hard to say anything, it was hard not to cry Walter Huston had just said in his acceptance speech, ‘I hope when I get to be an old man, my son will take care of me.’ That was a perfect cue for me, so when I got up there I said, ‘I have three boys and I hope they’ll take care of me in my old age.’”