12 Designers Create Unique Experiences at the Silken Puerta América Madrid


Generally it’s the city or destination that inspires people to travel, but occasionally, it might just be the hotel you get to stay in. Take, for instance, the Silken Puerta América Madrid. I mean, I’ve always wanted to go to Madrid and all, but after perusing the endless photographs of stunning amazement, I want to book the next flight to Spain. For this month’s Destination Design, we take you there, to this dream-worthy hotel that will literally give you an eyegasm.


At first glance you see just how colorful and stunning the exterior is, but sit back, and wait for the the mind-blowing interior. It’s just as good, if not better. 19, yes 19, of the best of the best architecture and design studios from around the world were invited to design a floor, each with their own design concept. Each designer BROUGHT IT when it was time to bring the designs to life, with different materials, colors, shapes, etc., to create some of the boldest rooms you could ever imagine. There are 12 floors of rooms and each one is completely different from the next, transporting guests to another realm.




The parking area, designed by Teresa Sapey, is full of bright, bold colors and graphics that lead the way.


Stairs from the parking area by Teresa Sapey


Hotel’s restaurant, Lágrimas Negras, designed by Christian Liaigre


The lobby’s minimal design was designed by John Pawson to be a space of peace and quiet within the hotel. Using vertical wood slats, he created a semi-circle that allows for privacy.


Marmo Bar designed by Marc Newson


The first guest floor was designed by Zaha Hadid with her signature fluid lines and curvy details. You will definitely feel like you’re walking through a science fiction movie.

Designed by Zaha Hadid

Designed by Zaha Hadid

Designed by Zaha Hadid

Designed by Zaha Hadid

Designed by Zaha Hadid

Designed by Zaha Hadid


Floor two was designed by Norman Foster to feel luxurious without being over the top. Using leather, in various textures, the spaces feel elegant and livable.

Designed by Norman Foster

Designed by Norman Foster

Designed by Norman Foster

Designed by Norman Foster


Floor three, designed by David Chipperfield, has a completely black hallway that leads to the guest rooms while giving you a cozy, intimate feel.


In the rooms, Chipperfield plays with light while also incorporating black that he used in the hallways.


Plasma Studio took control of floor four which you’ll notice, is an exercise in geometry. From the time you get off the elevator, you’ll walk through the three-dimensional hallway to your room.


Designed by Plasma Studios


Marc Newson also tackled the sixth floor where he chose a bold, shiny red for the walls that greet you as you walk the halls.


Once inside the rooms, Newson went with a subtle grey and white color scheme with island-like beds out of leather.


Seventh floor designed by Ron Arad

Designed by Ron Arad

Designed by Ron Arad


The eighth floor was designed by Kathryn Findlay and her goal was to recreate a space that guests could meditate and dream.

Designed by Kathryn Findlay

Designed by Kathryn Findlay


Creating boxes within boxes, Richard Gluckman designed the ninth floor using glass, plastic, and aluminum but in unusual ways to achieve a simple, luminous space.


10th floor by Arata Isozaki


11th floor by Javier Mariscal and Fernando Salas


Jean Nouvel designed the facade, the penthouse, and the 12th floor, which includes 12 suites. Mixing photography and architecture, the floor is meant to leave guests with feelings of sensuality and pleasure.

Designed by Jean Nouvel

Designed by Jean Nouvel

What: Silken Puerta América Madrid
Where: Avda América,41 o Corazón de María,10, 28002. Madrid, Spain
How much? From approximately 225€ per night
Highlights: Unique, design-driven rooms that showcase the best avant-garde design the world has to offer.
Design draw: Each bold floor was designed by a world-renowned architect or designer who was given free rein to do what they wanted. The results are mind-blowingly dreamy.
Book it: +34 917 445 400